Gun Alarm Clock

19 12 2008

“It’s cool!”


Mac vs. PC – Japan Style

19 12 2008

I heard that these existed from an interview with John Hodgman on The Best Show on WFMU. Pretty good stuff. Here are a couple of my favorites.


10 12 2008

I haven’t posted much to the blog lately for a couple reasons. Of course the main reason is me being really busy followed by being really lazy, but I’ve also been putting most of my effort into my other blog, Fine Filter. I do however intend on trying to get more posts out soon. I suppose thats about it. Just wanted to let everybody know whats up.


Squid Jerky

10 12 2008

Recently I decided to sample much more crazy foods and drinks than usual and as a result I picked up a bag of squid jerky. It came in a yellow bag that I see quite often at my local supermarket and I’m assuming that this company is the lower-end value brand kind of like “Great Value” at Wal-Mart. Regular readers of the blog might recall that I really like squid so as crazy as squid jerky sounds, it wasn’t too weird for me. The following is not exactly the same package I had, but is pretty close to it.

For the 300 yen there was a pretty good amount of squid in the bag, all cut up into thin 2 inch strips. The first few pieces were great and full of salty squidy goodness but the more I ate the quicker I realized I could only eat but so many before getting sick. In the end I think 10 pieces or so was the final limit. One thing I noticed from the first piece is that they were packed with much more flavor than beef jerky which made for far slower chewing. I don’t really intend on buying more later but for as weird of a food as it was, it was a pretty good experience.

Karaoke Beers

10 12 2008

After confiscating the beer we had snuck into karaoke, the waitress then kept it nicely chilled and waiting for us when we were done singing…only in Japan.


24…Japan Style

10 12 2008

“Ore wa Jaku Bawa.”

Teaching English

27 11 2008

Ever wonder what it’s like to teach English in Japan? Well here ya go…